I offer a limited number of in-person sessions from my clinic in Corsley, Wiltshire.   I book people on the hour and the session will last for around 45 minutes.

At the start of each session we will discuss why you have come to see me and what personal issues you would like addressed. Before coming to your first session I will send you an intake form to fill out and bring with you to the first appointment. I will go over the intake form with you to get a fuller picture of your overall health. This will help me to identify what your concerns are but it is also a way of monitoring improvement to see what has changed or resolved since the previous session. The talking part of the session is a way for me to get to know you better and part of my job as a practitioner is holding this safe and non judgmental space in which you can relax and feel seen and heard.

Most people like to lie down and relax for the actual treatment, however, it is also possible to sit in a chair if you prefer. Sessions are gentle and comfortable and are done fully dressed.  I use a chart and a form of muscle checking to determine what to balance at each step of the session. Then I will do gentle tapping to help your body to focus on and balance that aspect of the body mind. I am not doing the healing, I am helping to facilitate your own bodies amazing ability to restore balance, self regulate and heal. We are amazing! 

Will it work right away and how often will I need to come?


Sometimes people experience relief from symptoms straight away. In other cases the body has some healing to do after the session and changes may be more gradual. Some clients feel noticeable changes after one session but I usually recommend trying at least three sessions to start with so that we really have the opportunity to give the body a chance to heal  before you decide to continue. Please do get in touch  if you would like to discuss a treatment plan.



The majority of my sessions are done at a distance via Zoom or Skype. This is possible as we are "all connected" and it really makes no difference to the effectiveness of the session whether you are sat next to me in a room or on the other side of the world. These sessions are super convenient for those who are unable to travel to me as they live overseas or in other parts of the country. They take a very similar format to the in-person sessions so please have a read of the above section to find out what will happen in a session.

There is also the option of having a session without communication via video conferencing and this way I will e-mail the notes of what I have addressed in the session. This option is convenient if there is a time difference or due to work commitments that make talking at a particular time difficult. 


"Transform Stress into Vitality"  explores what stresses us in our lives and through a weekly group Accunect™ healing session with me and the group synergy we address these issues 

This offers an additional resource that  compliments individual sessions really well. Sometimes observing things in a group energy enables even more powerful shifts as having more witnesses increases the energy of the session.