"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sarah. She has a great way of intuitively working on top of an effective healing system that means she picks up on areas that most need attention. I had forgotten to mention issues with my knees & ankles during my initial consultation and when scanning my body she immediately sensed these. During my first session when I had a big emotional release of grief from my chest area, I felt very safe and held by her and have felt so much lighter ever since like a huge weight has been lifted from me. Also she highlighted some beliefs I was holding at literally the same time they were going through my head. In five sessions of working with Sarah I am starting to heal on so many levels; I can feel my emotional body coming into balance as well as physical issues such as joint pain, chronic fatigue and lung condition abating.  I will continue to work with Sarah until my body and mind are functioning at optimal health". 

A.L , UK

 "My daughter has had a general nervousness since she was a baby and has difficulty learning and concentrating. I have taken her to see many different practitioners and  various therapies to try and help her. After only three Accunect sessions with Sarah I have noticed that she is much calmer and more able to concentrate. When we went to Longleat recently instead of running between animals like a butterfly as she usually does, she was able to spend time with each animal. At a festival she spent several hours focused on making pots, this had never happened before and is a big improvement. Profound healing!"


“I came to Sarah to address fertility issues. Sarah helped me to work through a number of complaints both physical and emotional. I have been holding a lot of irritation, anger and sadness for the past decade, as well as negative feelings about myself. The second half of my cycle has always caused me serious issues: fatigue, anger, suicidal thoughts, general aching in my limbs and joints. Since working with Sarah (4 sessions) I have felt so much better emotionally, my anger and irritation have been far less, as have my fatigue and other symptoms. I feel like I have been able to connect with my body and listen to where I’m holding tension. I feel as if I trust my body, which I didn’t realise I hadn’t been doing. I now believe that I can fall pregnant, when I always felt that this might never happen for me. Sarah was very clear in the way she worked, first discussing what she would be working on and then working on it. I felt reassured that Sarah always checked to see that I was happy with what she felt needed to be treated. “

Rosa Glover


“I began sessions with Sarah after the death of my baby during birth. I had an episiotomy and although physically I healed very quickly, if my partner moved slightly too abruptly towards the scar I flinched. During a session Sarah picked up on the scar and she even picked up which side it was! She felt there was trauma held there which was ready to be released and healed. We worked on this during the session and since I have not felt the sensitivity that caused me to flinch. Sarah also picked up on my anxious bladder which has been an issue since I was young and made car journeys more tricky. Since our last session this has also improved. I have noticed over the course of a few sessions that my levels of anxiety and depression have reduced, and overall state of mind is better.”


“I had bacteria in my teeth causing me pain which has been coming and going over the last 3 months. I only told Sarah about the teeth but she not only found which one was the problem but also my pain in eyes, lower back and sinuses. The above was affecting my sleep and I was taking pain killers in the night and sometimes before going to sleep. As the sessions progress (3 sessions) Sarah found the root of the problems and she is now successfully correcting this. I no longer need painkillers as the pains have reduced.”



I was feeling anxious and unbalanced. I also had occasional left hip pain which I had forgotten about. Sarah found this and worked on it. She also discovered my gall bladder energy was not good and when she mentioned the symptoms, I realized I had nearly all of them. The improvements have been gentle, and I feel much better. I am coping with life in a much better way. The sessions are always thorough and make me very relaxed. I did get very emotional in one, which was obviously needed, and I felt much better afterwards. Sarah was very supporting through this


"I came to Sarah feeling distressed about an unplanned pregnancy at age 42, which brought up massive fear and trauma from my previous pregnancy and life as a single parent for 12 years.  I felt overwhelmed, fearful and unable to connect with my partner. I remember thinking after the third session how much things had shifted. I was able to connect more with my partner and come to more of a place of acceptance. The fear reduced a lot. the sessions seem very simple and yet very powerful. I highly recommend Accunect."


"It felt like a really good session but I couldn’t put my finger on what actually shifted. Next day Monday was a terrible day with no energy, very low mood. Tuesday OMG different person, and has continued since! I have more energy, my mood is so much more positive, I am more confident, and more outgoing. Thank you so much Sarah"


"The session has helped me so much. Something has switched off in my brain. I feel so much more relaxed in my mind and body. Thank you "

Jotipal Kaur, Kundalini Yoga teacher, UK

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