This heart centered group has been created as a way for us to come together and heal. Let us gather and create a community online. Together we will explore the stresses  in our live  and then I will facilitate a group Accunect™ healing session  and through this and the group synergy we will address these issues. 

The functioning of your body is affected by stress of all kinds. Stress puts us into emergency mode and resources and energy are taken away from normal body functions such as digestion and immune function.

Some of the areas we will address in the group are:

• Emotions

• Senses

• Trauma

• Beliefs

• Chakras

• Chi flow

• Posture/ injuries

• Nervous system

• Family

• Work

• Environment

• Toxins

• Chi flow

The Accunect healing will help find the keys to unlock your natural healing ability and to address your areas of stress, whether physical, mental or spiritual. This allows the nervous system and biochemistry of the body to resume normal function so healing can take place. Accunect’s safe and non-invasive techniques, SUPERCHARGE your bodies’ ability to heal as nature intended.

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This is a LIVE weekly online class.  Ongoing class with a monthly subscription of £49 per month. 

You can cancel the subscription at any time 

Thursdays 7.30pm - 8.30 pm on Zoom